Frequently asked questions about school sessions — at Discover or in the classroom.

What do I need to prepare before-hand? 

You don’t have to cover anything specific in class before a school session with Discover. Your Story Builder will start at the basics and work up to the class’s level. However, if children are already used to sharing creative ideas and thinking about what makes a good story, this may enhance their experience in the session. 

What kind of space is needed at our school for classroom visits? 

You’ll need a classroom, a class, a table to put the suitcase on – that’s all!  

We encourage children to sit on a carpet around the Story Builder, if possible.

We are working on a specific theme in class, can this be incorporated into the session? 

If you would like sessions to be tailored to reflect a specific theme or topic you’re working on, please get in touch with our Education Team (education@discover.org.uk).

Please note: we may need to charge schools an additional fee to adapt our sessions.

Can we have sessions for different year groups on the same day?

Yes! All our Story Builders are trained to work with pupils from EYFS to KS2 and have experience working with children with disabilities, SEN and EAL.