Discover's community projects

Our mission is to transform lives through stories, creativity and imagination – to contribute to a world where confident, thoughtful, articulate children grow up to shape a better future for all. Through our community projects we work with partners across Newham and East London to make sure that every child has the chance to visit Discover. 

We are grateful for the generosity of our funders without whom these projects would not be possible.

If you would like to support Discover’s community projects, as an individual or organisation, find out more.

Mighty Mega 

Mighty Mega is a free Saturday morning club for disabled children and children with Special Educational Needs and their families. The club runs from 10am-12pm on Saturday mornings and has hosted artists across a range of arts forms.  

Find out more about joining Mighty Mega


Story Sandwich 

Story Sandwich offers a programme of free visits to Discover Children’s Story Centre for adults and children aged 0-5, who would not otherwise be able visit Discover. We partner up with local community groups and are currently working with The Magpie Project, who support women with children under 5 who live in temporary housing or are facing homelessness.   


After School Stories 

We offer free, weekly after-school visits to Discover Children’s Story Centre to pupils from any school in Newham. Children and their parents or carers are invited to visit Discover every Monday between 3pm – 5pm. This offer is open to all primary-age pupils and is a part of our aim to ensure Discover continues to be a resource used by and for the local community.  


Free visits for Newham charities and community groups 

We offer free family visits to Discover via local community groups and charities, such as food banks.