Birthday Party Terms and Conditions

Birthday Party Terms and Conditions

Please read our Birthday Party Terms and Conditions prior to booking your party.

Hootah’s rooms can only be accessed as part of the event for 45 minutes.

Our required ratio of adults to children is a minimum of 1:5.

Outside entertainment (e.g. face painters, clowns, etc.) is not permitted.

You must vacate Hootah’s room in a reasonable state of cleanliness and tidiness. Confetti canons, pinatas, sparkler candles and decorations on the walls or ceiling are not permitted. The use of these will result in loss of the £50 fee.

Alcohol and smoking at Discover is strictly forbidden; tobacco and alcohol products must not be consumed under any circumstance.

Discover is a safe place of play and learning for young and vulnerable people. As such, we are committed to providing facilities and activities for individuals and groups in the context of equal opportunities for all. It is expected that you and your group will not use language or behaviour which could be construed as discriminatory while in Discover.

You are responsible for any damage done to the building or property of Discover arising from your actions or the actions of members of your group.

All equipment brought onto the premises by you is at your own risk, and any loss or damage to such property will be your own responsibility. We provide lockers throughout the building for you to store your valuables.

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