Story Quest Sleepover FAQs

Story Quest Sleepover FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our new sleepover events

Can I bring older or younger children?

We’re afraid not, this event is strictly for children in the 6-11 age range. 


What is adult to child ratio?

Up to 3 children per adult. All adults must be accompanied by at least one child, and all children by at least one adult. 


Can I bring a group?

We can accommodate groups of up to 10 children with 4 adults at this sleepover. BUT if you want to discuss arranging a bespoke stay for larger groups at another time, do get in touch. 


What food is provided?  

When booking, you’ll be asked to choose your food so that we can ensure there’s the right amounts for everyone. We’ll be providing the following: 

Available all evening – Water and squash 

Evening camp fire: 

Hot chocolate or vegan hot chocolate 

Biscuits or gluten free or vegan 


Sausage bap – halal chicken or vegan 

Juice carton or hot drink


Will I be able to take photographs?  

Our usual photo policy applies – you are welcome to take photos of the spaces and your own children, but please avoid capturing other families. No photography is permitted after bedtime. 


Can I have a birthday cake?  

We’re afraid we cannot allow birthday cakes, but let us know if you’re celebrating a birthday and we can sing happy birthday round the campfire! 


Will there be mobile phone charging available?

There will be some sockets available to use, but they are not secure so will be at your own risk. We recommended bringing a portable charging bank if you think you will need to charge your phone. 


Bathroom facilities?

Our toilets can be locked for use by individual family groups, and have basins for tooth-brushing. There are no showers or baths available. 


What if we need to leave at any point?

There will be a member of staff available to let you out at any time, in the event that you need to leave. 


What should I bring? 

 Sleeping bag and pillow 

Pyjamas (feel free to arrive in your pyjamas and wear them for the whole evening if you like!) 

Toothbrush and toothpaste, favourite cuddly toy (but please take good care of them…) Snacks (but eat your evening meal before coming).  

Water bottle.  

You may wish to bring ear plugs and eye masks – it will get light when the sun rises. 

No glass. No alcohol. No vaping or smoking. 

Please note – you will be responsible for all of your belongings so we do not recommend bringing anything valuable or irreplaceable.