All Aboard! Resources

All Aboard! Resources

Exploring gender equality.

On this page, you will find all resources related to All Aboard! for participating schools. You can find a brief introduction to the project here.

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All Aboard! Comic

Meet Rae. Rae is ambitious, excitable, caring and non-binary and, one day, they’re going to be the greatest captain ever to sail the seven seas! Captain Stickles laughs at Rae’s ambition – on his ships ‘there are jobs for men, and there are jobs for women…’ But what happens when a storm hits and it’s all hands on deck?

An original story written by Lizzie Corscaden, illustrated by RAMZEE.

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All Aboard! Storytelling

A storytelling performance of Lizzie Corscaden’s original story, performed by Discover Story Builders Laura Sampson and Arkem Mark Walton. Filmed and edited by Barnes Film Academy.

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Design Your Dream Ship

Colour your ship in any colour, design a flag to fly from the mast and draw in your own captain to take the wheel. Then, write a list of all the activities the crew can do on your ship.

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