0-3 Storytelling: Drop of the Ocean

0-3 Storytelling: Drop of the Ocean

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A story of friendship, acceptance and the joys of play.

The Sun and The Moon love to dance and sing and play with the ocean. One at dusk and one at dawn, for The Sun must sleep at night and The Moon must sleep by day. 

“Why can’t we play all day AND all night?” asks The Sun and The Moon. 

An answer can be found deep under the ocean waves… Join Dolphin, Squid, Bob the Fish and friends on a journey of discovery in this fun, interactive storytelling session for ages 0-3. 

  • Duration 25 minutes. 
  • For children aged 0-5 and their caregivers. 
  • Performance in our small, cosy storytelling space. 
  • We ask that you remove your shoes and put them in the provided storage area before entering the space.


Written and Directed by Paula David

Designed by Helen Coyston  

Associate Designer Aaron Oliver 

Story Builder Developers – Laura Sampson & Maryam Noorhimli