The Museum of Marvellous Things

The Museum of Marvellous Things

Things to see & do

Welcome to the Museum of Marvellous Things, where the impossible can happen!

Discover Moons like Balloons, dance with Doo- Dahs in cages, sing with Noo-Nahs on stages and marvel at the many wonders on display inside this amazing place. Because this is a museum like no other – it’s made from the magic of YOUR imagination – and you get to bring it alive.  

With storytelling, puppets, songs, movement, music, craft and a special measuring machine that needs to be filled with MAGIC, this is a lively, colourful, interactive event with author and illustrator Kristina Stephenson, based on her new picture book The Museum of Marvellous Things. Meet the main characters Norbert Norris and Tilly T Pott as they give you a sneak peek inside their extraordinary museum and together, we celebrate imagination and creativity.  

Free with your Session Pass.

About Kristina Stephenson

Kristina Stephenson studied costume and set design, and had a successful career in theatre and children’s television, before turning her hand to picture books. As well as writing and illustrating them she works with her musician husband, Nigel to create unique interactive shows to bring her stories alive for young audiences.