The Girl and the Dragon

The Girl and the Dragon

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The Suitcase Storytelling Company presents: The Girl and the Dragon.

Get ready for a fantastical show to warm the heart and bring joy to people young and old alike. Join our hero Toral on the adventure of a lifetime as she swims uncrossable rivers, braves impassable forests and scales unclimbable mountains, all to fight a great and terrible dragon. 

Performed by the delightfully talented Niall Moorjani and Minnie Wilkinson, this story proves that heroes can come from anywhere and villains aren’t always what they seem.

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About The Suitcase Storytelling Company

The Suitcase Storytelling Company is a new theatre company creating work that blends found object theatre with oral tradition storytelling for family audiences. We aim to bring joy and excitement to our audiences through original folk tale-style stories with diverse characters and progressive narratives.