The Back of the Toybox

The Back of the Toybox

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Performed by one of our wonderful Story Builders in our warm and cosy Storytelling room, this interactive storytelling event is the perfect winter treat for ages 4+.

The Back of the Toybox

Everybody loves Christmas, don’t they? All those presents and all that chocolate. It’s such a happy time of year.

Not if you’re a rag doll.

Ditsy is Martha’s favourite toy. They’ve done everything together for years and years. Then one Christmas a new toy arrives and Martha starts to lose interest in her old best friend.   

Ditsy must come up with a cunning plan, or soon they’ll end up at the back of the toybox… forever.

Devised and Directed by:

Minnie Wilkinson – Director 

Aaron Lamont – Writer

Helen Coyston – Designer and maker

Natalie Green, Joanna Hutt, Genevieve Robinson and Arkem Walton – Performers 



Duration 20-30 minutes.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your session time. Due to the small, immersive nature of these sessions we cannot admit latecomers. 

We strongly recommend booking in advance as these sessions tend to sell out.

Buggies are not allowed in the Storytelling room. There is a buggy park on the ground floor.