Storytelling with Lisa Stickley

Storytelling with Lisa Stickley

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Bernard has been the swimming pool manager for a long time, and shyly practices his diving at night when no one else is around.

When his swimming pool holds a contest for high-diving hounds from around the world, he hopes that he can work up enough courage to compete. Will Bernard get over his nerves and show the world what he can do?

Join children’s author and illustrator Lisa Stickley for story time where she will be reading her latest book Bernard Makes A Splash!.

From the author of The Wobbly Waitress, this book is a heart-warming tale about trying new things, even when we might need a bit of help to find the courage to do it.

About Lisa Stickley

Lisa Stickley is a British designer, author and illustrator. She is the author of My New Room, Handstand and The Wobbly Waitress.