Storytelling with Joshua Seigal

Storytelling with Joshua Seigal

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Join talented poet Joshua Seigal, winner of the 2020 LOLLIES, for a fun and interactive event filled with raucous humour, creativity and wit.

Josh will be sharing poetry from his latest collection Yapping Away, so don’t miss your chance to discover the eight steps for having a successful tantrum, and why you should NEVER attend a Teddy Bear’s Picnic (you have been warned). Listen as words are brought to life.

Free with your Session Pass.

About Joshua Seigal

Joshua Seigal is a poet, performer and workshop leader who spends his time visiting schools, libraries and theatres around the country and beyond. He has taken critically-acclaimed poetry shows to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, but usually ends up performing in front of his mirror, using a hairbrush as a microphone. He has managed to gain the minimal skills required to make his own website –