Storytelling and Crafts with Maryam Huq

Storytelling and Crafts with Maryam Huq

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Learn all about the popular Bengali potato dish bhorta in this interactive feast for the senses.

Join talented illustrator Maryam Huq and Bok Bok Books publisher Rumana Yasmin as they introduce a brand-new book for babies and toddlers, Bhorta Bhorta Baby!

Embark on a flavour-filled adventure with an interactive storytelling, help Maryam and Rumana shop for ingredients, create a vibrant bhorta-themed artwork, and practice cooking actions altogether. Chop! Fry! Bubble!

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About Maryam Huq, illustrator and digital artist

Maryam Huq is a UK-based digital artist known for her vibrant, whimsical style featuring bold colour choices and striking imagery. She portrays themes of nostalgia and a sense of belonging in her work, stemming from her personal experiences of re-connecting with Bangladeshi culture and her heritage. Maryam’s pieces often feature nods to South Asia, including regional wildlife, plants, transportation, and landmarks inspired by her travels in recent years.

About Rumana Yasmin, publisher Bok Bok Books

Rumana Yasmin is the founder of Bok Bok Books, an independent book publisher specialising in both English and Bengali children’s books. Starting the company with no industry knowledge, Rumana’s journey into publishing went hand in hand with being a mother. Inspired by the lack of Bengali representation on bookshelves today, she decided to address the gap in the market by growing a community of authors and illustrators of Bengali heritage to tell their stories to her children and to the next generations.