Storytelling and Craft with Sam Langley-Swain

Storytelling and Craft with Sam Langley-Swain

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Just like all ring-tailed lemurs, Maki liked to bathe in the sun and huddle under the moon. BUT one thing Maki DIDN’T like to do, was LISTEN!

Join children’s author Sam Langley-Swain as he reads his new forest-adventure story What Makes a Lemur Listen? followed by a furr-tastic shading activity.

Discover how Maki, a lemur who doesn’t like to listen makes his way through the dangerous forest, with the help of clever chameleon, Sofina. Then, get your pencils ready to sketch and shade the lemur’s furry coats and stripy tails, inspired by the wonderful artwork from the book.

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For children, this charming story is about a loveable lemur who learns to listen. For adults, the text explores neurodiversity, demand avoidance and alternative parenting styles.

About Sam Langley-Swain

Founder of Owlet Press, Sam’s world changed in 2014 when he became a dad. Having never thought of writing books, he was dramatically inspired by his children and the new universe he’d entered into. His book What Wesley Wore has now been translated all over the world. 

“I self-published my first book in September 2017 and sold over 7,000 copies in the first 12 weeks. As I toured the book it became important to me to be able to create positive change for all kinds of children through stories, working with other creators who have the same beliefs as I do.”