Storytelling and Craft with Maudie Smith

Storytelling and Craft with Maudie Smith

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When Jake’s mum upcycles every last thing in the apartment, Jake begins to worry that the only thing left to change is... him!

Jake’s mum is not like most mums. Say there’s a skip in the street, most mums will pass right by without a second glance. Not Jake’s mum. “Look at this, Jake!”  she’ll shout. “We must have this! We must have this, too! And we simply must have this!” That’s Jake’s mum for you. She’s a must-have mum. 

Soon Jake begins to worry that his mum will want to change him too. Should he  be this way? Or that way? Or another way altogether? 

Join children’s author Maudie Smith for a fun session of stories and creativity. With a little help from her puppet dog Sparky, Maudie will introduce her new book, My Must-Have Mum, a story all about recycling and love. Find out what inspired the story, watch out for a photo quiz and begin an exciting recycling activity of your very own. 

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About Maudie Smith

Maudie Smith has an MA in Writing for Young People and writes for children of all ages. Her touching and humorous stories include magical cakes, mysterious mermaids, massive onions and lots of pairs of tights! Her latest picture book, My Must-Have Mum, is Maudie’s first collaboration with rising star artist and illustrator, Jen Khatun.